Module 4: Twitter Masterclass - Taking Flight on Twitter

Updated: May 11, 2020

Welcome to our free social marketing course! This is the first FREE, Youtube based social media marketing course in South Africa, designed to help anyone #dodigitalbetter . You're on Module 4 of 8.

Module 1 - Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Module 2 - Facebook Masterclass - Introduction to Facebook

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Module 4 - Twitter Masterclass - Taking Flight on Twitter

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Module 6 - Social Media Strategy Masterclass - How to craft a social media strategy

Module 7 - Measurement & Optimization Masterclass - Social Media Analytics

Module 8 - Exam

WELCOME: Welcome to the Twitter Masterclass

Twitter is absolutely dynamite for establishing yourself as a thought leader/expert in your field and connecting with influencers, prospective customers and media.

If you or your brand is looking for a platform to engage one on one with people, and to listen - really listen - to customer feedback, then Twitter can offer more profound insights than ordinary research. Instead of being at arm’s length, you’re in the hot seat directly listening to your customer about their experience. If you handle complaints online well, it can help endear that person to your brand. Our advice? Take the rough with the smooth and the complaints with the compliments in equal measure.

Locally, CEOs like Michael Jordaan [@MichaelJordaan] have shown how social media can be used to build massive brand loyalty.

The below statistic shows a timeline with the amount of monthly active Twitter users worldwide. As of the second quarter of 2018, the micro-blogging service averaged at 335 million monthly active users.

Source: Statistica

INTRODUCTION: Introduction to the Twitter Masterclass Video

LET'S GET STARTED: What's this masterclass all about & The Role of the Platform

FUNCTIONALITY: Twitter's Key Functionality

PAID MEDIA: Twitter's Paid Media Options


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