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According to Social Media Today, increased exposure and traffic are the top social media marketing benefits over the last five years.

The Introduction to Social Media Marketing course is designed for anyone curious about the possibilities of social media marketing and the benefits it can drive for their product, service or business.


This masterclass aims to empower learners with the knowledge of how to leverage each platform to its strengths to get the most benefit for your business. By the end of the class, you will have a strong foundation in social media marketing, which will help you successfully market brands on social media. 

The course is suitable for everyone from intern to executive level. Interested in learning more about YouTube marketing or TikTok marketing? Those modules are coming soon! 

Whether you prefer Skillshare or Udemy, I would love for you to join me for this masterclass to help you #dodigitalbetter

Pssst: Looking for a sweet deal? If you join me on Skillshare, you'll get two months completely FREE on Skillshare - and the ability to watch as many courses as you like in that trial period! 



Basic social media concepts and terms 


Leverage the world's biggest social media platform


Make your brand Insta-famous 


Take flight on Twitter 



Do business better on LinkedIn 



Optimizing & Measuring Success on Social Media 

course content   

The course is taught using a combination of: 

  • Video Content 

  • Presentation Walkthroughs 

  • Downloadable PDF's 

  • Google Sheet Templates 

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student testimonials  

"D.O. Digital has revolutionized the way I think about social media. I like to think of myself as an avid user of social media, but I can’t even begin to describe the vast quantity of new information I have learnt on this course! The material is fresh, captivating and fun and it truly makes you excited about digital marketing!"

"The course is cleverly designed to cover an overview of the complete range of social media marketing options ; and is packed full of handy hints and tools - many that I have already put into action. This is a game-changer, and will definitely help me put my best social media marketing foot forward."

"The course is amazing! So informative and brought to you in such a simplified manner, that even if you doing this for the first time you’ll understand it off the bat. helps simplify and clarify social media which exposed me to possibilities I didn't know existed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who uses these platforms even if not business related. Best short course to date!"

bonus resources

Interested in TikTok? This module is coming soon! In the meantime, we have created a YouTube video for you to explain what all the hype is about. So if you have wondered what TikTok is, how Tiktok works or why Tiktok is so popular amongst Gen Z - be sure to check out our video explaining the basics of TikTok. Did you know that brands are now using TikTok for marketing and some people are making lots of money on the app? We cover how the marketing opportunities on TikTok works. 

Curious about YouTube? We break down how to get started on YouTube and what some of the key things to bear in mind are when you set about creating a YouTube channel from scratch! YouTube is such an enormous search engine now, which has created a lot of demand for high quality video content. 

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